TSH Reduced From 59 to 4 in 1 Month!

By Adarsh Pathak

Hi, My Name is Adarsh Pathak. I was suffering from hypothyroid problem and was taking thyronorm medicine. I was very much frustrated and unhappy with my life. I thought to change everything and cure my disease which is told as incurable by doctors. I searched on the internet if the cure is possible or not. My search ended when I came to know about Dr. Parth Goyal through his doctor buddha channel. I contacted sir’s team, and they gave me proper guidance for thyroid reversal.

“I was astonished. Within 1 month of following the diet, I started feeling energetic, feel less sleepy and do my work with high concentration. My TSH Reduced from 59 to 4 in just 1 month which was unimaginable”.

In last, I would like to thank parth goyal and his team for coming forward and share this precious “disease cure” knowledge with us. Thank you!

Adarsh Pathak

Tsh reduced from 59 to 4 in 1 month!


My TSH reduced to 3.75 from 4.89 even after reduced my thyroxine dosage by 25mg. Great progress is going on!