Health Consultation and Diet Support Program

We all live in a world, where we have face many health issues because of stressful lifestyle and inappropriate food habits.
Here we are offering you a life saving health program. This program is based on Diet plans and support programs.
You can eliminate or reduce your need for medications, if you are eating medicine for pain, steroids, depression, insomnia, or any other health conditions.
In this program :
1.       We will listen to your specific requirements. It will include any disease for which you are taking medicines for years and you almost lost faith in immense healing power of your own body.
2.       Help you in reducing your need of medication.
3.       We will help you detox your body by slowly changing your diet. We will help you getting rid of underlying condition because of which you are living a sick life.

About Program

There are two types of diseases constructive and destructive. If you have fever, diarrhea, cough, cold or vomiting, then these are not diseases but only body’s effort to get rid of toxins, so these are called constructive diseases. If you have diabetes, arthritis, bronchitis, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder, etc. Then these diseases are destructive diseases and generally caused by our interference or stopping of constructive diseases by administering various medicines. If you have any destructive disease, then we will try our best to reverse your condition and bring back you to health. We will help in eating cleaner diet and expelling toxins out of your body. To participate in this program, you need to be strongly willed to do any diet change advised by us. We will help with our experience of eating clean diet.

Patient is required to whatsapp all his details on our mobile number 919229812533 which includes his Name, Age, Height, Weight, Current Medication and diet.

Program Fees

Fees – Rs. 500/- 
Contents – 
  • Includes timely appraisal of blood reports sent to us by patient.
  • Diet guidance.
  • Weekly feedback and recommendation on diet.