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Doctor Buddha is an effort to bring best knowledge to layman in such a way that he can realise the healing power of human body & come on the track of health and happiness without any pain. Our aim is stopping and reversing the continuously increasing trend of lifestyle diseases through educating people the new science of nutrition and diseases reversal.



He was always curious to know the effects of different food on health and if diseases can be reversed with healthy eating. As a science student, he also wanted to know the science behind it. His search came to an end when he completed his Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell university on 15th July 2019. Since then he is involved in giving diet plans to hundreds of patients. His diet plans are so effective for High BP, Hypothrodism & Diabetes patients that most of his patients have normal parameters and do not need medication any more.  

His Achievements

  • Certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, USA
  • Was among Top 303 students of India selected in National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB 2018)
  • Secured AIR 223 out of 15,19,275 students in Medical Entrance Exam (NEET)
  • Cracked both NEET and IIT-JEE simultaneously at the age of 16 
  • Most viewed writer on various lifestyle diseases on Quora


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His Credentials


We are working in collaboration with different national and international organisations which are predominantly active in nutrition based medical science.
Center for Nutrition Studies

What our clients say

When I found my fasting and PP blood sugar as 350 and 624 on a lab test, I was horrified and was not able to think what to do. By chance, I came to know about Doctor Buddha from one of my friend. The recipes were so tasty and healthy that my blood sugar reduced to 105(fasting) and 195(PP) after just 18 days.
By following the diet program just for 15 days, I started feeling full of energy and my glyree tablets reduced from 2 to 1. This program just changed my life without any compromise of taste because of wonderful recipes.

Three things cannot be long hidden : the sun, the moon and the truth