3 years old hypertension reversed in 3 days


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Ranjana Roy

Hi everyone,

I am Ranjana Roy, headmaster of Govt Girls Middle School, Gwalior. I was taking Creasar tablet for BP and Glyree 1 tablet for diabetes for last 3 years. I was also overweight. I knew that being a diabetes and hypertension patient, I am on a high risk and prone to several diseases that occur because of them, i.e. eye problems, limb amputation, pain in limbs, heart attack and ultimately death. I was afraid of all these and wanted to get out of this disease and start living a healthy life. I wanted to get rid of those pills which I have to take daily as prescribed by my doctor. I also knew that pills can never cure me, but I had no solution, I didn’t had any ray of hope.

I knew Parth Goyal since a long time, he was my son’s friend, Ravi Ranjan Roy, who is now at AIIMS Delhi. They both were close friend and prepared together for the medical entrance exam. Ravi many a times told me about how unique Parth is from his other classmates and how different is his thinking. He tells how skeptic is Parth as he ask so much doubts in class that teachers get frustated by him. He tells me about Parth’s philosophy of veganism and the arguments by which he use to justify why everyone should be vegan. After clearing the medical entrance, despite getting good colleges, Parth choosed his hometown college due to some family reasons. 

Parth started exploring the science of disease reversal through dietary intervention after he passed his medical entrance exam as he has seen many people got cured through eating healthy diet and wanted to know the logic behind it. He asked me if I allow him to try his “Diet Protocol” on me. I agreed as I knew that medicines will never cure me but diet can and a healthy diet can never have any side effects !! 

Parth gave me the diet plan, told me the instructions of how to follow it, and it all started,

“Within the first 3 days, my blood pressure values came under 120/80, that also without any medicine. My diabetes tablets reduced from 2 tablets to 1 tablet per day. Earlier I felt lazy and fatigue after waking up. But now my dizziness was gone and I started feeling energetic and I started doing my morning routine work happily.”

Blood sugar reading at 3rd day without medicine at 8 am

Blood pressure reading at 3rd day without medicine

“This was shocking to me as well as my family. This program just changes my life that also without any compromise because the recipes given to me were not only healthy, but also tasty !! I also lost 2 kg weight after 1 month of following the program.”

I will continue the diet as I found it not only tasty, but also easy to make. I am very thankful to Parth, have a great success ahead !

Ranjana Roy

Principal at Govt. Girls Middle School, Gwalior

Mob. No. – 9406983295

Update !!

It has been 2 months since I started following the diet. I am still not taking BP medicines, even after eating a conventional diet sometimes.

HbA1c Report before following the diet

HbA1c Report after following the diet for 2 months

My HbA1c also decreased form 7.9 to 6.9 in just 2 months. This diet has really worked for me !

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