Weight Loss Program

High weight need to be addressed as earlier as possible as it can lead to further complications like diabetes, high bp, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. 
Here we are offering you a life saving health program. This program is based on Diet plans and support programs.
You can reduce your weight and start feeling energetic again if you strictly follow this program.

About Program

Obesity can happen for a number of reasons, including diet, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors, a health condition, or the use of certain medications. A number of treatment options can help people to achieve and maintain a suitable weight. However, not all these treatments are sustainable and many people find their weight increasing after they stop taking the treatment. 
Our treatment is different from others. We do not rely on any machines or supplements for weight loss. We believe that such kind of weight loss do more harm than good and are also not sustainable. As our ideology has always been on removing the cause of the disease, our program is not based on starvation but provide nutritious food in such a way that body heal itself and shred unhealthy weight. 
Patient can expect atleast 5-7 % of body weight reduction through our program. He can stick to the program further on his/her own and reduce further weight. Patient needs to eat cleaner diet in our program. He can submit daily food diary to us on whatsapp. We will review it on daily basis and correct accordingly. Patient may face detox symptoms like fever, diarrhea, weakness etc. on our diet as they are basic detox symptoms and are integral part of healing. He should be mentally prepared before joining our program.

Reversing Disease

Scientific and safe
These disease reversal recommendations involve only dietary and lifestyle changes, so any side effect is out of the question. Hence, the only side effects, if one can call them that, are good ones! You are likely to feel fresh all day, and your health and energy levels will improve as well.
We will support you through phone call and Whatsapp Messenger. Through Whatsapp, we will ask for the weight reading and asist you accordingly. 

Program Fees

For Indian Patients
Fees – Rs. 700/- 
For Overseas patients
Fees – $ 40/-
Contents – 
  • Includes one time appraisal of blood reports (if needed) sent to us by patient
  • Synopsis & diet chart on basis of patient condition.
  • Upto one month support on Whatsapp by our diet experts.

Payment Facility –

You have to make payment directly to our bank account and whatsapp the screen shot of payment at M. 919229812533.

Account Name – Parth Goyal

Account Number – 38611301129

IFSC – SBIN0031478