Thyroid Remission Program

Thyroid problem is the most daunting lifestyle disease. People suffering from this disease have uncountable symptoms ranging from hair loss, fatigue, chronic constipation, dryskin, depression, increased susceptibility to cold, bloating, puffy eyes, difficulty in loosing weight, inability to sleep etc . Till now, the conventional medical practice have nothing to offer to the cure of the disease except thyroxine. Most of the patient find themselves on the road of worsening symptoms even after having perfect blood reports. This all mess occur because most of the doctors do not address the cause of the disease, as they are not aware of the new medical research on thyroid, more specifically Hashimoto disease.
If you are a thyroid patient taking thyroxine since many years but have no improvement in your symptoms, this program is for you.
If you will follow our program, you will see your symptoms actually going back and you will start to live your life fully again.

About Program

Our program is designed on the basis of diet change and get rid of symptoms and drugs. Patient needs to sent his blood reports which will include his complete thyroid profile which will include T3, T4, Tsh, FT3, FT4, ATG, AMA (antitpo), Iron Profile, Vitamin D, Liver Profile, hba1c, lipid profile, renal profile, liver profile & vitamin B12. Patient also needs to whatsapp all details including name, age, height, weight, symptoms, blood reports, current medication and daily diet diary on mobile number 919229812533.

Program Fees

For Indian Patients
Fees – Rs. 500 /- 

For Overseas patients

Fees – $ 20/-
Contents –
  • Includes timely appraisal of blood reports sent to us by patient.
  • Recommendation of diet, on the basis of condition of patient.
  • Weekly change in diet and followups.
  • No extra charge for one month and instant resolution of problem faced by patients on the basis of diet.
  • Please opt this program only if you are ready to make dietary changes as advised.

Payment Facility –

You can make payment directly to our bank account and whatsapp the screen shot of payment at M. 919229812533.
Account Name – Parth Goyal
Account Number – 38611301129
IFSC – SBIN0031478

If you need any help in making payment or have any queries regarding programme, Please call +91 9229812533 between 10am – 6pm IST Mon – Friday or write to