From Thyronorm 150 to Thyronorm 0


Sadhana Goyal


I am Sadhana Goyal. I used to be a healthy person, just a little bit overweight 5-6 year before. During my pregnancy, my weight started increasing with very high speed, my hair fall started and I found that I started becoming angry on small things which doesn’t even matter at all.  

“Alas, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed me Thyronorm 25. But that doesn’t did anything for me, i.e. my TSH level normalised, but my problems remained the same, and even became worse !! Month by month my dose started increasing, from Thryonorm 25 to Thrynorm 50, then to 75, 100, 125 and finally to Thyronorm 150.”

One day I met Parth at a family function. He told about the work he is doing towards thyroid remission through diet and asked me to run the thyroid antibody test as he was suspecting Hashimoto hypothyroidism in me. To my surprise, the test came back positive and I realized that the disease through which I am suffering is not just a simple hormone deficiency, instead it is a autoimmune disorder. He asked me to follow his “Thyroid Remission Program”. I agreed because I wanted to get rid of this disease and my doctor was doing nothing except increasing the dose. He told me to take gluten and dairy free diet, vitamin D and to do detox protocols in regular intervals.

He did my blood test at the start of the program and continuously monitored my progress by checking my thyroid antibody (AMA) after every few month. 

“To my surprise, my AMA levels started decreasing month after month and I also started getting relieved of my symptoms. I started losing weight (whereas earlier my weight was increasing) and my hair fall decreased. He also reduced my dose according to the blood test reports. First it decreased from Thyronorm 150 to Thyronorm 125, then to 100, 75, 50, 25 and finally I was free of medicines in Aug 2019 !!.” 

Blood test reports of Mrs. Sadhana Goyal showing continous decrease of AMA with time

I am really thankful to Parth and his team for making me free not only from my disease, but also from my medications. All the best for the work you are doing, have a great success ahead.

Sadhana Goyal

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