Symptoms Disappeared after Stopping Medicines

Trapti Singh


I am Trapti Singh, I was suffering from thyroid symptoms and was taking thyroid medicine Thyronorm 37.5 since 2 and a half years. Today I am going to tell you about my journey of how I came to stop my medicine. My story is going to be little different from others, and you may not believe in it. But I will not accuse you for that, because I even myself find it hard to believe !!

My journey started when I came to know about Parth Goyal through one of my friend named Ranjana Roy. Ranjan told me that Parth is working since a long time on reversing diseases through diet and his diet plan has helped her to reverse her diabetes and hypertension. I thought that maybe this guy have something to offer to me, so I contacted him. He very generously took me into consideration and asked me for my blood reports and general information. On analyzing my previous blood reports, disease symptoms and medicines, he ran a blood test for me.

“On our surprise, my blood test showed high T4, i.e. high thyroxine. That means that the thyroxine medicine that I was taking was unnecessary and I should stop it. “

However, I didn’t stopped the medicines. This was because I also have arterial thrombosis in my leg, and I was afraid that stopping this medicine may lead to my death as arterial thrombosis is an serious issue. My thinking was clear, Parth is not yet a full fledged doctor, he is a medical student. My other doctor is a well known doctor of Gwalior, has completed his degree and know when to reduce medicine and when to not. So I should listen what he is saying, not what Parth is saying. However, I internally know that these medicines are somehow making me sick and I really need to go for some kind of diet therapy to relieve myself from my horrible problems of morning headaches, high weight, hypersensitivity to cold, numbness, muscle cramps, heart palpations, night sweats, poor circulation, excessive amount of sleep, constipation, chronic digestive problems, increased pulse rate, hair fall………………. Yes, this list can go on and on….!!!

Even after I rejected his advice of stopping the thyroid medication, he humbly listening to my concerns and gave me his diet plan and asked me to follow it. I followed it very rigorously for my initial 3 days , but slowly I came back to my normal diet. He asked me to go gluten-free, but I also ignored that.


“I didn’t found any significant improvement also, and I thought that living like this is my destiny, it is embedded in my karma, I cannot change that.

However, I was wrong.”

Parth was not going to leave me, many a times his call ring asking what is going on, how is the progress, am I able to implement the changes, what problems am I facing etc. He asked me to buy gluten-free atta, which I was ignoring since few days but finally I buyed it after being regularly feeling guilty on call when Parth asks ” Okk…., and what about the gluten free atta ? You are taking that na ? ” and me replying ” sorry beta, I forgot to buy it, I will buy soon.”

That replacement of atta just changed my life. Many of my symptoms which started 2.5 years back went off, and I started feeling better.

But this was not the end of my story. The real twist in my story was something else.

After 2 months of giving me the diet plan, Parth asked me to run my thyroid profile and antibody test as he was suspecting Hashimoto Thyroiditis in me. The results came shocking !! My antibodies were normal ! My TSH, T3, T4 everything was normal !

Seeing my blood reports, this time also he asked me to stop taking thyroid medication. This time, I thought that maybe he is right, as his diet plan has benefited me and I can trust on him. He said me to try 1 week with no medicines and see if I feel good or bad. If I will feel bad, then I can continue taking medicine and if I feel good, then huraay, I will be medicine free !!

I stopped the medicine, and guess what happened ?? I watched the dance of REALITY !!

“My muscle cramps went off, my heart palpitations went off, my night sweats off, my morning headache when off, my numbness went off, my constipation went off in just few days of stopping the medicines. I realized that medicines were the real cause of my disease, and its really awkward to think like this, really awkward !!”

Parth is not a normal doctor, he is a superdoctor. He has “FORCED” me to get healthy. He has changed myself, my thinking that I will never get rid of my problems and I will have to continue like this forever. God bless you little boy, continue spreading happiness like this everywhere !!

Trapti Singh