PCOS Reversed in 37 Days!

By Prajakta Patil

Hi I am Prajakta Patil a 1st year MBBS student. I was suffering from PCOS since my 10th standard. During my 10th, I didn’t got my period for straight 6 months, due to which I visited my gynecologist and she diagnosed me as a PCOS patient. I was put on medicines and was told that there is no permanent cure of this disease, and I will have to take these medicines lifelong to prevent further worsening of my PCOD.

“I took the medicines, but instead of getting any improvement, it gifted me a lot more side effect. Those medicines made me sleepy and lazy, which I cannot afford because it was interfering with my studies. I quit that treatment, because I didn’t got my periods back even after being on those medicines for 2.5 years.”

After discontinuing this treatment I even went for Homeopathy for a year and Ayurvedic for a year..but to no avail!.. During Ayurvedic treatment when my periods were delayed for 5 months..the doctor stopped attending my calls and that day I was completely devastated! 🙁

Then one day I saw Parth Goyal’s Community post on youtube talking about permanent reversal of PCOS. I can’t even imagine back then that this random community post, randomly recommended to me by youtube, will change my life forever. I waited for the video, and watched it after it was released. I called to the mobile no. which was mentioned there, and talked about my problem.

“I feel extremely blessed that I could be a part of Parth’s RAW VEGAN Revolution in treatment of diseases which are mostly told to have no cure. Initially following this diet was tough for me but later I myself liked this healthy lifestyle as I experienced the positive effects myself!”

Initial 10days of RAW diet were tough..but later I got a hold of my cravings and I felt better from inside each coming day. However, no one story is a fairy tale.., and my story is too filled with times of struggle and demotivation. I had no significant changes in my blood reports after a month of RAW VEGAN DIET..and that was demotivating for me.. But I still gathered together all my positivity, alongwith Parth’s motivation and support and that really worked on 37th Day of Raw diet, the day when I got my first natural period after years without any medicine!! and the best part is, comtinuing the diet for some more time, I got my 2nd period after exact 28 day, a thing which I haven’t witnessed since my adolescence..

“I have strictly followed my RAW VEGAN DIET for 45 days and now I am free from medicines, which I took for about 4.5 years for PCOS. Raw diet has increased my energy levels, concentration and emotional imbalance (due to hormanal instability earlier) has been reduced to almost nil.”

Concluding, I would only say, until n unless u try..ntg comes to you. A strong will power and consistency is all you need to get through these so-called incurable disorders.
Thanks to Parth Goyal and his team again😊