PCOS Reversal Program

PCOS/PCOD needs to be taken care at urgency because it may lead patient to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, infertility, etc.
Here we are offering you a life saving health program. This program is based on Diet plans and support programs.
You can eliminate or reduce your need for medications, lose weight, improve your cholesterol, and can conceive, if you strictly follow this program.
In this program  :
1.       You will be Introduced to a powerful lifestyle method that reverses most cases of PCOS/PCOD.
2.       Your blood tests will go better, your periods will normalise & you may be able to reduce some weight too. 
3.       You will be given step by step guidance for making lifestyle changes that are required to take control of this disease.

About Program

Patient needs to sent her blood reports which will include her hba1c, lipid profile, lh, tsh, testosterone, insulin fasting, liver profile, vitamin d & vitamin b12. Patient also needs to sent his photograph & fill form through contact tab & whatsapp all these tests along with registration details on M.919229812533. 
Program Fees
For Indian Patients
Fees – Rs. 700/- 
For Overseas patients
Fees – $ 50/-
Contents –
  • Includes one time appraisal of blood reports sent to us by patient.
  • Synopsis & diet chart on basis of reports.
  • One time conversation with Mr. Parth Goyal upto 25 min.

Payment Facility –

You can make payment directly to our bank account and whatsapp the screen shot of payment at M. 919229812533.
Account Name – Parth Goyal
Account Number – 38611301129
IFSC – SBIN0031478