Neither Allopathy, nor Ayurveda, only Food is my medicine!

By Seema Choudhary

Hi, I am Seema Choudhary, 1st year BDS student. I was suffering from indigestion and constipation from last 6 months I used to go to restroom once a week due to which I used to have a severe pain in my stomach. I took allopathic medicines for a month but from this only my stomach pain was reduced and my frequency to go for restroom remained the same.

I realised the medicines were just controlling my symptoms and not the root cause. Slowly because of the buildup of toxins in the body I started having small boils on my stomach and then on complete body .

I was scared so I went for ayurvedic treatment. I followed it for about 2 months. By this my frequency to go to the restroom was 2 times a day but this was only for the first week and later the medicines didn’t seemed to work and my condition again came to back. After that I tried to follow satvic diet for 2 months but I didn’t got much improvement as no matter how healthy I was eating but my stomach was unable to digest things since I was having indigestion issues. I was really fade up of trying all the things but nothing seemed to work. I was so disheartened and hopeless.

Just then I got to know about Doctor Buddha channel via YouTube. I visited their website and contacted with them. They suggested me to be on fruit for a month. But believe me guys following this just for a week all my problems seemed to vanish and I was so happy about it. Now I have decided to continue to be on fruits till a month and then I am going to follow the raw diet and change my lifestyle.

The actual problem is we are following the modern lifestyle where 8 hours we work in front of the screen but the diet what we follow is according to our ancestors eating grains thrice a day. So we will have to change the lifestyle and we can experience the actual smooth functioning of our body
Finally I would like to say a big thanks to Mr. Gaurav Goyal and his team for helping me out!!!

Signing Out!

Seema Choudhary