Hypertension Reversal Program


Blood pressure should be controlled in the normal range, otherwise it can cause hardening and thickening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which can lead to a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or other complications.
Here we are offering you a life saving health program. This program is based on diet plans and support programs.
You can eliminate or reduce your need for medications, lose weight, optimise your cholesterol, reduce bp to normal and start living again if you strictly follow this program.
In this program you will be :
  1. Introduced to a powerful lifestyle method that reverses most cases of hypertension.
  2. You will be given step by step guidance for making lifestyle changes that are required to take control of this life threatening disease.

About Program

Traditionally we only concern about reducing blood pressure but not take interest in why this blood pressure is rising. In this program along with medication we will take care of the reasons of the hypertension and try to sort out all the food habits which are causing them. We will not only provide alternative food choices but also help you adopt these alternative food choices with recipes and support for making these recipes.
Most hypertension patients find themselves on the road to slowly rising blood pressure levels, low energy level throughout the day, headache, anxiety, higher doses of medications, and worsening complications.
Reversing hypertension means reversing this trend. Blood pressure values that have kept rising month after month can begin to come down very quickly. Doses of medications that have risen again and again can come down too. You will start feeling better within first week of treatment.

Reversing Disease

Scientific and safe
These disease reversal recommendations involve only dietary and lifestyle changes so any side effect of our program is out of questions. You can monitor your progress by your own personal doctor, so you can be completely assured of safety. Hence, the only side effects, if one can call them that, are good ones! You are likely to lose weight with the disease reversal programs, especially if you are overweight to begin with. And your health and energy levels will improve as well.

Program Requirements

  • Requires submission of hba1c, liver function test, kidney function test, homocysteine, vitamin b12, vitamin d, hscrp, lpa. Strong will of change in current food habits.

Program Fees

For Indian Patients
Fees – Rs. 500/- 
For Overseas patients
Fees – $ 20/-
Contents – 
  • Includes timely appraisal of blood reports sent to us by patient.
  • Prompt addressing of any problem faced by patient due to diet change.
  • Weekly followups.

Payment Facility –

You can make payment directly to our bank account and whatsapp the screen shot of payment at M. 919229812533.
Pay via Bank Account –
Account Name – Parth Goyal
Account Number – 38611301129
IFSC – SBIN0031478