HbA1c down to 5.3 from 9.45

Anshu Gupta

Dear all,

Before I narrate you my story from diabetic to non diabetic, let me tell you about myself that what kind of person i was… means.. before diabetic era of myself. I loved to eat sweets… I loved to eat sweets….I loved to eat sweets….. means I was a sugar addict. Yes, you read right I was a sugar addict just like a drug addict. My whole life revolves around sweets. At the same time I was not fitness freak too. Now, guess what kind of body I had…. it is too bulgy. Yes it is me ….I am Anshu Gupta a Counselor by profession.

On September 2018, I found myself as a diabetic. I was shocked to see my blood sugar level. FBS was 349.34 and PP was 624.71. Doctor asked me to take insulin which I refused very politely. Than he started tablets….. with lots of condition apply. All my near and dear ones started giving suggestion as if they are super doctor ! Everyone started telling me what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, when to wake up in the morning ,how many steps I have to walk daily and blah blah blah.

“I was not really able to understand what to do. I was stuck in a condition about which I had no idea and it seemed impossible to me to get my health back and get rid of these medicines.

In this all frustating time I came to know from one of my friend about Jr. Parth Goyal, who was working on the subject of curing ailments through healthy diet. I met him personally and found him very confident about raw diet, vegan diet. He asked me to follow his “Diabetic Reversal Program” . Since I met him personally I trusted him and followed the same diet as prescribed by Jr. Goyal, without a single thought.

“As the time passed, I found myself become more energetic. Just after 18 days, my FBS dropped from 349 to 105 and PP dropped from 624 to 119. By end of December 2018, my HBA1c came 5.3 which was 9.45 in September 2018 and I celebrated a diabetes free new year !! 

I am thankful to Jr. Goyal from the bottom of my heart for reversing my diabetes by giving me advice whenever needed and motivating me to follow his useful and powerful diet programme.


Anshu Gupta

(Astro Counsellor)

Mob. No.- 9303299413