Cancer Diet Support Program

Cancer needs to be taken care at urgency as it may directly lead to death,
Here we are offering you a life saving health program. This program is based on Diet plans and support programs.
You can eliminate or reduce your need for medications, stop or even reverse cancer growth if you strictly follow this program.
In this program you will be :
1.       Introduced to a powerful lifestyle method that can control or even reverse cancer.
2.       Reduce your need of medication.
3.       You will be given step by step guidance for making lifestyle changes that are required to take control of this life threatening disease.

About Program

Cancer comes under one of the most life-threatening of all. General treatment of cancer is by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy (including immunotherapy such as monoclonal antibody therapy) and synthetic lethality. But the reality is, none of these treatments focus on the cause of cancer. In fact, many of these treatments, such as radiation therapy themselves cause cancer. Research shows that it is ultimately bad food habits and high exposure to carcinogens which are the cause of cancer. Eating unhealthy foods increase our susceptibility to cancer, and if you are simultaneously exposed to carcinogens, it is a very high chance that you will someday got diagnosed as a cancer patient on a doctor’s office.
Our focus is on the cause of cancer. We will tell you about which of your dietary habits are causing you cancer and which are not. We will tell you how to be away from chemical and physical carcinogens that you are exposed on a daily basis. As we are focused on the cause, our program will not be a temporary quick fix as conventional treatments are, instead it will help you to regain your health in its true sense. 

Reversing Disease

Scientific and safe
These disease reversal recommendations involve only dietary and lifestyle changes,so any side effect is out of the question. Here, the only side effects, if one can call them that, are good ones! You are likely to lose weight with the disease reversal programs, especially if you are overweight to begin with. And your health and energy levels will improve as well. 
Patient is required to whatsapp all his details on our mobile number 919229812533. Sometimes it is not possible to heal patient, so patients are advised to join this program on his own risk and should not think it as an alternative to any treatment he is taking.

Program Fees

For Indian Patients
Fees – Rs. 2,000/- 
Contents – 
  • Includes one time appraisal of blood reports sent to us by patient.
  • Synopsis & diet chart on basis of reports.
  • One time conversation with Mr. Parth Goyal upto 25 min.
For Overseas patients
Fees – $ 150/-

Payment Facility –

You can make payment directly to our bank account and whatsapp the screen shot of payment at M. 919229812533.
Pay via Bank Account –
Account Name – Parth Goyal
Account Number – 38611301129
IFSC – SBIN0031478