Arthritis Reversed on Plant Based Diet!

Mrs. Hemlata Sharma


I am Hemlata Sharma. I contacted Doctor Buddha team for help in my arthritis problem. I was told to eat a plant based diet. I applied the diet in my daily routine, and I started feeling better. After 1 month of following the diet, my blood test was done. To my surprise, my inflammatory markers like CRP and ESR felled and CRP levels came in normal range! 

CRP Reduced from 11.27 to 2.18

ESR Reduced from 66 to 44

“Hence inflammation, which is the main cause of arthritis, was reduced to a great extent in my body. Hence, my body was healing a lot bigger way than anyone can imagine.”

I would like to thank Parth Goyal, and his team for helping me in arthritis reversal. Right now my arthritis is not totally reversed, but I am feeling better, and hope it will get reversed soon!


Mrs. Hemlata Sharma


My RF factor and CRP have reduced further! Just by being on Plant based diet!